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What is HydrUStent?

Our product is a degradable stent that will revolutionise the market. Providing lower treatment cost, avoiding second surgery for stent removal, while reducing the risk of infection and eliminates the cases of “forgotten” stents.

  • This would solve the problem of the cystoscopy for removal as well as that of the forgotten stent.
    Dr. Günter Janetschek,
    Dept. of Urology, Salzburg Medical School
  • A great advantage is that it does not need a second surgery and so the patient has no job loss or admission to hospital, facilitates recovery and professional and social integration. There is a reduction in costs for the health system.
    Dr. La Fuente,
    Santo António Hospital, Porto, Portugal
  • My reflex response is that a biodegradable stent for kidney transplantation is a gift to the surgeon and the patient.
    Peter Madras, Transplant surgeon,
    Lahey Health

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