Non-degradable is so 20th Century

Developing the Next Generation of Medical Devices.

Innovation through medical devices

Innovation through medical devices

We are specialists in Biodegradable Medical Devices Design and Prototype Development.

Optimize surgeries and reduce costs

Optimize surgeries and reduce costs

We are dedicated to health-care systems that reduce expenses and decrease environmental impact.

Promote an eco-friendly mentality

Promote an eco-friendly mentality

We value biodegradable products that produce zero waste and keep our planet fresh and clean.

Our mission

Create, develop, and manufacture innovative biodegradable products

Through our patented innovative biodegradable technologies that help healthcare systems to reduce treatment cost and environmental impact.

Create, develop, and manufacture innovative biodegradable products

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Regulatory Affairs Manager

We are hiring

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What professionals are saying about HydrUStent!

  • A great advantage is that it does not need a second surgery and so the patient has no job loss or admission to hospital, facilitates recovery and professional and social integration. There is a reduction in costs for the health system.

    Dr. Riccardo Autorino, MD
    Richmond, VA, USA
  • The problem of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and encrustation are the main ones. The short life of this stent means that encrustation will not be a problem, although the LUTS remain.

    Dr. Fin Macneil, MD
    Member at Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) Board of Urology
  • Think stent symptoms can be quite disabling. A more flexible stent would help, like HydrUStent technology.

    Dr. Deepak Batura, MD
    Consultant Urological Surgeon at Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
  • The success of HydrUStent technology will be based on No symptoms (LUTS) and no need to remove while still doing its job of draining the kidney.

    Dr. Hilten Patel, MD
    Professor of Surgery & Urology, and Director of Robotic Urological Surgery, University Hospital North Norway and Director of Surgical Urology Simulation Training, Bart’s & The London, Queen Mary University of London,
  • My reflex response is that a biodegradable stent for kidney transplantation is a gift to the surgeon and the patient.

    Dr. Peter Madras, MD
    Kidney transplant surgeon, Lahey Health