Fri Dec 27 2019

Press release: HydrUStent SA continues to prove its value as an innovative medical devices company

2019 was a busy year, a year of challenges, innovation, high demand but, above all, a year of consolidation.

The team has grown, the number of projects has increased, and we can say today that we are a reference in the field of development of innovative medical devices primarily in urology. Moreover, this year we started taking new steps in other areas of medicine.

Our outset is the development of biodegradable medical solutions that can overcome problems in clinical practice. However, our technologies are evolving, and today they go beyond

We now have under development a portfolio of ambitious medical devices – that go from biodegradable products to the usage of electronics to diagnose  intrarenal and intravesical pressure - with a well-defined pipeline and whose implementation, however long, will result in disruptive technologies that will certainly, in the next few years, rank high in the rankings of Medtech area. 

We achieved one of the growth goals designed for this year, to be a certified company under international standards. As of this year, we are a medical device research, innovation, and development company (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, NP 4457).  Still in line with our set goals, we have expanded our development capacity by building an ISO 7 certified cleanroom at our facilities. We are now able to take our customers' projects further, ensuring our partners a controlled, regulated, qualified and internationally recognized product development. 

We won competitive funds - Internationalization Incentive (Ref. 32 / SI / 2018 - No. 43305) and an Individual RDI Project (Ref. 34 / SI / 2018 - No. 45183) - which allowed us not only to move forward with the development of our technologies but also to attend trade fairs and congresses in our sector (Arab Health, MedTeclive, European Urology Congress (UAE), World Congress of Endourology (WCE) and MEDICA). By 2020 we will certainly be present in these international stages in line with the development of our innovative technologies and the sustainable growth of the company

In 2019 we have achieved all the goals and overcame many challenges. By 2020, the team will continue to grow, our international presence will significantly increase, and we want to keep being the number one choice for partnerships in medical device development and validation.

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